Expert Organizational Tips

November 2017

Quick List - Create a list of tasks you need to do which take less than 5 minutes each. When you have a short time available, do 1 or 2 of the items, and cross them off your list. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing items off a to-do list.

October 2017

Baby Steps - When you are overwhelmed with a daunting task, remember to take baby steps. Breaking it down into smaller, more manageable tasks, will make it easier, and less stressful.

September 2017

Summer Clothing Purge - Now that summer is over, donate or give away any items which were not worn all summer. If they were not worn this summer, it is unlikely they will be worn next year.

August 2017

Back to School Supplies Shopping - Check all the supplies in the house before spending money on new ones, and shop early to avoid the mob scenes and line-ups.

July 2017

Drawer dividers: using drawer dividers or organizers is critical to keeping items separated and categorized. Without them, a newly organized drawer will return to its unruly state in a very short time.

June 2017

File not pile: papers are best filed vertically in a drawer where they are clearly labeled with tabs, easily accessible, and take the least amount of horizontal space.

May 2017

Less is more: the less you have on your desk, the more easily you will focus on the task at hand. Too much clutter on a desk causes distraction.