Expert Organizational Tips

May 2017

Less is more: the less you have on your desk, the more easily you will focus on the task at hand. Too much clutter on a desk causes distraction.

April 2017

One Motion Storage: when organizing your things, make retrieval easy using one motion storage. If it takes too many actions to get something, you will probably give up. If retrieval is simple, life is more relaxed.

March 2017

One in one out: this is a very important rule to live by and applies to all areas of your home. If you buy something new, take something old and either give it away, recycle it or toss it.

February 2017

Winter merchandise clearance - great buys... or not? Great buys are not always wise buys. Buy only what you really need. Cluttering up closet, drawer or shelf space with items which MIGHT be good for next year, is frequently a costly mistake.

January 2017

File Archiving - Archive any annual files which need to be kept for tax purposes. Place them in banker's boxes, plastic bins or an archive filing cabinet, and label with the year, as well as the year to shred/destroy.

December 2016

Holiday Bins - Large plastic bins are great for keeping your holiday decorations and other items organized. Use the same brand so stacking is secure, and don't forget to label the bins.

November 2016

Quick List - Create a list of tasks you need to do which take less than 5 minutes each. When you have a short time available, do 1 or 2 of the items, and cross them off your list. Nothing is more satisfying than crossing items off a to-do list.